Viral: Angry Private School Owner-Administrator Scolds Students, Orders Burning of Their Bags as Punishment

Image capture of Facebook post by Jonathan Vega Magistrado

To burn or not to burn?

A post that has gone viral on social media is causing outrage among netizens, especially as it involves burning of students’ bags including its contents.

Apparently, according to online user Jonathan Magistrado, the bags of more than 20 senior high school students of Bicol Central Academy in Libmanan, Camarines Sur were burned on Friday, August 17, 2017 as can be seen in a video and photos he shared.

The owner of the school, Magistrado posted, is former Municipal Councilor and incumbent Provincial Board Member Alexander James Jaucian, who was so mad with the students that he ordered a staff to burn the students’ bags — which contained  notebooks, school uniforms, gadgets, cash and ATM cards.

The story goes that the Senior HS students were assigned to teach grade school students while their teachers were in a seminar.  The administrator allegedly got angry when he saw the SHS students carrying backpacks while in their business attire.

One of the students said it was okay to bring a small bag, for example, for your cellphone but not a backpack as it does not look good when one is on business attire.

Jaucian allegedly became more enraged when he saw a dirty and untidy classroom, and fumed even more over a male student who was wearing a t-shirt, maong pants and rubber shoes. But it was clarified that the male student was dressed as such because he was assigned in ‘maintenance’.

video of the incident was captured by a student as the school administrator was shouting at the students and the burning was taking place. He can be heard insulting the students; calling them stupid.

Jaucian then ordered the staff to put out the fire after something exploded but the fire extinguisher malfunctioned so water was poured over the burning bags instead.

A Facebook post by another student, Kyliiee Panuelos, said that the reason why the concerned students brought backpacks is that they live far from the school and it would not be easy to get back home just to change clothes as they have other projects to attend to later in the day.

She feels the punishment was so harsh; considering that their parents are working hard to buy their things for school.

As a result some parents are considering to  transfer their kids to another school out of trauma. It is their wish that the DepEd Division of Camarines Sur would look into the incident as it is of utmost concern.

Meanwhile, many have reacted over the distressful post; with many saying it’s considered an arson and that it is not right to burn anyone’s belongings — even as a punishment.