Old Man Selling Veggies During Heavy Rainfall In Laguna Catches Netizens’ Attention

Photo by Ann Loraine Olarte via Facebook post

There’s an old man in Sta. Rosa, Laguna who caught the attention of a netizen named  Ann Lorraine Olarte.

On Facebook, she shared a photo of the old man whom she saw was selling vegetables on the side of a road amid the heavy rainfall.

It was a pityful sight seeing the old vendor cramped under an umbrella to keep himself from getting any wetter.

As caption she shared:

“Kawawa naman si tatay kahit malakas ang ulan kanina nagtitinda pa rin siya ng gulay. Ingat ka po lagi, tatay. God bless you po.”

[I pity tatay who despite the strong rains continued to sell his vegetables. Take care always, tatay. God bless you.]

The usual act of someone in such a situation would be to seek a better shelter from the rain or head for home. But not this elderly who chose to stay under his umbrella; obviously hoping to sell his goods despite the bad weather.

One would be left thinking that perhaps it’s because his goods wouldn’t stay fresh for the next day or that he badly needs to be able to sell all his veggies so his family would have something to eat for the day.

Truly heartbreaking whichever the case may be, right?

Photo by Ann Loraine Olarte via Facebook post

As of posting, Ann Lorraine’s photo has been shared more than 52,000 times. and over 20,200 commenters have given their own reaction; even tagging reality programs Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho (KMJS), Rated K and some others to take notice of the old man’s plight.

Those who live near the place where the old man sells his veggies were also urged to buy from him as a means of assistance.

There are those who remarked that the vegetables he’s selling are nutritious and delicious so they should buy from the old man in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

Some even requested not to ask for discount from him; “huwag na baratin ang paninda niya.”

We are one in wishing that he may also receive some kind of help from the local government and some good Samaritans out there.