Man Kills Own Mother by Hitting Her Head With a Rock

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A man was arrested for killing his own mother by allegedly hitting her with a rock to the head in Pagadian City last Friday, July 13.

The suspect has been identified as Almer Tinga, 20 years old, jobless and single. He allegedly killed his 47-year-old mother Gina Tinga following a heated argument. Both are residents of Purok Malunggay, Brgy. Banale.

Initial investigation revealed the victim was washing laundry at a nearby river around 100 meters from their house Friday morning. Around 10 am, one of the daughters brought her some food but found the victim lying face down in a pool of blood.

Photo Credit: The Beat Today

She immediately informed their father Willy Tinga about what happened and the husband rushed on to check. He discovered beside his wife’s dead body a large stone weighing around 20 kilos.

Investigation further revealed the suspect had been having arguments with his mother, often about money especially when she could give him nothing.

The husband also admitted his son is a drug user and had surrendered once to ‘Tokhang’ operations in Cotabato City. He was brought home to Pagadian City; hoping he would mend his ways.

The suspect was eventually arrested on Saturday by barangay officers following a manhunt operation. He is now in police custody while family remains undecided whether to file charges or not.