Driver’s Vehicle Crosses the Street in Reverse to ‘Follow’ His ‘Master’

Screen capture of video by Bryan Fer Mania on Facebook

A video taken in Bayombong, Nueve Vizcaya has gone viral involving a vehicle and its driver.

Watching the two clips shared by netizen Bryan Fer Mania, you’d think that the vehicle in the video has a ‘mind of its own’ — – this after it seemingly’ followed its driver who crossed a street towards a bakeshop.

Bryan Fer Mania’s caption on his post goes:

“SUA IS REAL. Sudden Unintended Atras  @FTM Goodies Bakeshoppe Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya”

Click the image to watch the first video

It was rather scary; seeing the vehicle moving in reverse mode and turning towards the other side of the road while motorists were passing by. Can’t help but anticipate that an accident could happen any moment, as there was no driver.

As the vehicle continues to move towards the bakery, its owner got the surprise of his life seeing his Pajero almost behind him.  On reflex, the driver tried to stop his vehicle from hitting the glass shelves, as per the second video shared by Mania. The good thing is that the elevated sidewalk prevented it from damaging the bakery.

Click the image to watch the second video

Fortunately, no one got hurt in the incident.

The driver must have breath a huge sigh of relief!

Mania, as a YouScooper, sent the videos to GMA Network; hoping to remind every motorist to be more careful to avoid accidents and incidents like this.

Comments poured on the videos; with many expressing their advice on how to properly park their vehicles while others found something funny in the incident.

Some said the vehicle and driver has a “forever”; evident in the car’s loyalty to stick by his master/driver.

Others joked that the vehicle also wanted some bread or that it refused to be left alone.

Here’s Mania’s full post:

Click the image to see the full post of Bryan fer mania on Facebook