Brands Sever Ties with Kuwaiti Celebrity Following Social Media Backlash

Image from Sondos Al Qattan's Instagram account

At least two international brands have reportedly severed its ties with Kuwaiti social media star Sondos Al Qattan after her controversial remark complaining about overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) getting days off and keeping their passports in a viral video.

As per a Gulf News story, the French perfume brand M. Micalle already ‘fired’ the popular social media influencer after receiving backlash from netizens.

Earlier, online users have called Al Qattan’s sponsors to boycott her while others continue to defend Al Qattan who has yet to apologize for her ‘racist’ comments.

“We are absolutely shocked by the behaviour of Sondos Al Qattan, and we deeply regret the relationship with her, which we are terminating with immediate effect,” said M. Micalle in an email to Gulf News.

Image from Sondos Al Qattan’s Instagram account

Another brand, London-based Chelsea Beautique also said on Twitter they have decided to remove Al Qattan-sponsored videos from their channel.

“We believe that decent working conditions should be provided to everyone and such behavior does not represent our brand’s core beliefs,” Chelsea Beautique’s Twitter handler wrote.

Meanwhile, other brands Max Factor, MAC Cosmetics, Shisheido, Etudes House, and Anastasia Beverly Hills, as well as UAE-based companies selling Al Qattan’s range of cosmetics like Al Jazeera Perfumes, Beauty Pop DXB, Yara Jewellery and the Cambridge Weight Plan have yet to make a statement.

Meanwhile, the owner of Kuwaiti company which is also a sponsor of Al Qattan, defended the celebrity; saying it is unfair to judge her without giving her the chance to defend herself.

“I’m with [giving] the time off, but the passport, no – unless the country makes it a law not to leave the country without a letter from the employer,” Hanan Khalid Al Munaw told Gulf News.

“We pay money to get workers, around $4,000, and she might stay a week, and if she doesn’t like the situation, she leaves. Who will compensate me?” he added.

Al Qattan found herself in hot water after complaining about the recently-passed Kuwaiti law giving OFWs a rest day and getting the chance to keep their passport as part of the government’s move to ease its previous policy on migrant workers.